Vibe with Deus Lee as he Combines Conscious Hip Hop & Trap

Bridging the gap between conscious hip hop and trap rap genres is a musical and lyrical genius, Kent Hadnot better known as Deus Lee. Born and raised in Houston, TX, artist Deus Lee, aspires to get people to turn up and learn “at the same damn time”. He is confident in his direction as he quotes Lil Wayne describing his fan base. “Real n*ggas fwm and idgaf who don’t”, said Deus Lee.
Although he’s been writing and free styling since 5th grade, Deus Lee didn’t take music seriously until his sophomore year in college when he dropped his first mixtape, “The Project”. Loving the route he stumbled upon, Deus Lee stated, “I enjoy the entire process of making music. From hanging out in the studio, to creating the beat, writing the lyrics, recording, getting the track mixed,  performing, and making videos. If I could do it forever I would.”
Though Deus Lee loves music, he hates politics and he has big dreams beyond the lyrical stardom. He plans to utilize the money he earns in the music industry to create businesses in low income communities and help rebuild the economy. 
Creatively combining his nickname and his history in martial arts for the catchy stage name, Deus Lee, he credits a song from an older mixtape he created. “It clicked when I was writing La La La on #SBNH. I said “..breaking n*ggas off like an asian in a gee, break an arm, break a knee.. you can call me Deus Lee.” Then I was like aye.. Deus Lee.” he stated. Influenced by the great Tupac, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson, Deus Lee plans to seek truth and share it through his music as he reaches the world. 
Totally dedicated to the music, Deus Lee still only performs every blue moon. “Usually when my sister and I host a showcase and at SXSW. I’d like to perform anywhere with a fat ass crowd.” he explained. 
Hosting showcases via his business, PPL PXRTY, Deus Lee and his sister bring together both artists and entrepreneurs to network under one roof twice a year. He plans to continue to open smaller businesses in conjunction to PPL PXRTY very soon. 
You can catch Deus Lee representing local clothing lines such as Secluded, Lyfestyle Clothing, and Rich Society, all owned and operated by high school classmates. He also works with many local upcoming artists in Houston and Missouri City on music collaborations. 
As he continues to kick rhymes and chop bricks, you can tune into his latest mixtape, “What’s Done in the Dark” on both iTunes and Spotify! Follow @deuslee_ on Instagram for the latest updates!

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