Deus Lee –the Budding American Artist Seeks International Collaboration Opportunities

Deus Lee is an emerging American artist who aims to go
international with his consistent hits and rocking numbers. The
budding artist is committed to bridging the gap between trap
rap and conscious hip hop genres in the modern music
industry. He is deemed a lyrical and musical genius. Deus
Lee, originally Kent Hadnot, was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

The young artist, Deus Lee, aspires to turn up the crowd with his
musical skills while perfecting his craft in the given field.
Like many great artists, Deus is known to get inspiration from weed and alcohol, as he is quoted “Smokin’ and Sippin’ D’usse” in his latest release, “D’usse”. He is quite confident in his direction in life as he quotes, “I look at writing scripts like a puzzle together. Each bar is like a puzzle piece for me that is waiting to be placed at the right
location. I mostly do not go to the recording studio until I am
able to observe the full picture of the song. As I write down
the script, it is like doing homework before going out &
playing. Moreover, recording is the best part.”

Lee aims to release the “Dusse” video once there are 10k streams to his
music offerings. He has emerged to be a leading Indie artist
and believes that the image that you carry is the ultimate marketing or branding strategy. He strives to take up the Wu-
Tang approach wherein he combines his love for Hip Hop & martial arts. It has served to be an emerging branding idea that
works great for Lee.

Lately Deus Lee has been streaming some of the famous
tracks by the Eagles for inspiration. Some of the biggest influences in music have been Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson,
and others. As far as his early career in music is concerned, Lee started writing music in the 4th or 5th grade. Since then, he grew interest in the industry and started taking music seriously. To embark his seriousness in the given field, he even dropped his first project Sophomore year in the

Upon being asked his love for music, he answered, “I love
doing music. I entirely enjoy small processes of developing
and creating bespoke music. Right from being in the recording
studio to creating the perfect beat, writing down the lyrics,
recording, mixing up the tracks, making videos, and
performing – he enjoys it all and wishes to do the same forever.
Speaking about his goal, Lee further explains that he aims at
becoming a successful entrepreneur in the entertainment industry with his companies PPLXRTY ENT and MAAB ENT. Taking inspiration from his most recent collaborative album with Italian artist, Laioung, Deus Lee is currently seeking collaboration opportunities with international artist.

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