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What is the right title for a reviewer.

I always felt that it would be wrong to say a reviewer and never used the term, although it is very often used in the b (v) logosphere, but until recently I thought that I was dealing with one of those crafts that, because of its abruptly formed, it did not have time to be named in any way, but it will gradually impose itself with double meaning in dictionaries.

Censor meaning, for the moment, only the one with the census:

But no! There is already an official and correct name, so this phenomenon of taking over from the spoken language, as a written rule, no longer has a vacant place to end. So, now and forever, as long as there is a Romanian language, it would be wrong to use a reviewer, reviewers, reviewers - for those dealing with writing / reciting reviews.


Everything looks in the stars ... How many stars do you have?

How will your last customer rate you? Would it give a rating (rating) of 5 stars? Or no star? And why should you care?
What people say about your business is very important. Here are some reasons why customer reviews (reviews) and rating (ratings - stars) are important:

  • Potential customers pay close attention to 5-star reviews. Their purchasing decisions are based on what others say.;
  • They pay even more attention to those with negative comments. This way, decisions are made to NOT buy based on bad reviews.

When people search Google for your business, these ratings appear.
But the good part is:
You can control the quality and quantity of customers who send you reviews or recommendations. How? This is the "star" secret that we are about to reveal.

What statistics say about customer reviews

Ratings made by customers (but not only by them) influence your local search engine rankings, such as Google and Bing. The number of recommendations made, the speed with which they are posted and their diversity, can increase the search engine visibility by up to 13%. As a business owner, you don't even have to have an "updated" Google listing to showcase your "stars."

How do you get those stars? It's about words. Those who sort and analyze statistically, can notice these positive and negative words faster than customers, and can highlight them. It only takes two or three words to say in which direction a review is heading. And the stars are assigned accordingly.


What do customers want to know?

Specifically, I would like to offer the brand promise. If you say that your Italian pizza will make you water out of your mouth, then it should be delivered hot and with specific Italian flavors. If your hotel's "bed and breakfast" offer is amazing, then it would be ideal for that bed to have awesome linens and see the sea from every window.
These things are obvious. But sometimes it is the less obvious things that will cause discomfort. If someone from the reception staff has a heated discussion with your girlfriend, the client will suffer. If a person's reservation has not been corrected, not even an excuse will keep your stars intact. These interactions are called "contact points". Look carefully at each case where you and your people are in contact with a client. And make sure that each point of contact will lead to a satisfied customer.
How to get a large number of 5 star customer reviews
Once you've taken care of the brand promise and the "touchpoints", it's time to start collecting those positive reviews. The quickest and easiest way to get five-star reviews is:
Target the easiest to achieve first. These may be from those you know from personal relationships. If they are willing to give you great comments, ask them! They will be fantastic.
Follow your customers constantly. Consider your favorite clients and those you know or who have had wonderful experiences in the relationship with the company. Start with those who have had recent experiences and then look into the past.

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