Deus Lee –the Emerging American Music Star, Plans to Raise $100,000 for His Brand

Deus Lee is an emerging music star from America who plans to go international by raising around $100,000 for his brand. Deus Lee is crowdfunding $100,000 from fans, friends, and family members. He is raising the desired amount of money for building and boosting his brand on a novel platform called “” Currently, he aims at raising money from those who are interested in his skills and brand as a whole. 

Deus Lee is inviting people from all over to become a founding member of the Tuxedo Club by sending over noble donations. The Tuxedo Club serves to be a fan club that has been created by the PPL PXRTY MUSIC GROUP and Deus Lee, the Tuxedo Dragon. Lee aims for reaching the stars in his music career. He has already managed to go international through a collaboration with Italian rap star, Laioung, displaying his impressive music skills and talent. Most importantly, those who back the crowdfunding campaign of Deus Lee, will gain access along Deus Lee’s journey to success.  

The Tuxedo Club’s rewards-based crowdfunding campaign will offer a variety of exclusive gifts to the backers. Upon contributing to the $100,000 mission, one can receive rewards in the form of exclusive invites and event access, giveaways, travel opportunities and more. Deus Lee will use the funds towards his music and comic brand, tours, travels, marketing, and international or mainstream features on new projects. “Down for Deus” is going to be a remarkable reality showcase his rise to stardom. He also created a non-profit to host open mic events and community events for the youth.

Deus Lee plans to crowdfund the desired amount from friends and family members for the purpose of establishing a reliable & authentic fan base. The minimum fee for entry into the given crowdfunding campaign is $250. Anything less than the given amount will be regarded as a donation. However, every person who contributes to the $100,000 raise will be members of the Tuxedo Club.  The crowdfunding campaign is going to commence from December 2020 and will extend until around June 2021 to reach the desired goals.

With the minimum contribution of $250, the backers of the campaign are going to receive lucrative rewards like the “Deus Lee” jogger set & hat, “Enter the Dragon” download, USB, & CD, and virtual reality music videos with a proper V/R kit.

With a contribution of $750, the backers can consider obtaining all the previous rewards along with some additional ones –including a Shurkein and the Deus Lee Action Figure. Upon making a contribution of $1500, the contributors can look forward to receiving all from the previous rewards along with additional perks like a platinum chain with a diamond Tuxedo Club medallion and the gold chain with a diamond Tuxedo Club medallion.

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