Deus Lee Announces “The Tuxedo Club”-his loyal fan base

Deus Lee is an adroit artist from Houston, Texas, who is passionate about his music. Hailing from a humble background, he wants to break ground and showcase his brand name internationally.

For this purpose, he is raising $100,000 through, (AMAG), a funding platform for artists and entrepreneurs. Through this fundraising activity, he plans to rebrand and add new, engaging activities to attract a loyal fanbase.

The plan is to form a fan club, The Tuxedo Club, comprising of 500 founding members who would like to contribute to Deus Lee’s brand and his causes. This club would be created by PPL PXRTY MUSIC GROUP and Deus Lee aka The Tuxedo Dragon. The members of the Tuxedo Club will enjoy exclusive gifts, offers, invites, opportunities to tour with Deus Lee, and will be heavily involved in his projects as he works towards success.

Deus Lee is a promising star in the hip hop and trance genre and now, you have an opportunity to rise to fame with him. His rebranding plans include a total makeover including his wardrobe, his styling, the way he presents his numbers, the launch of a new music video series, comic series and more. As Deus Lee goes International, he also wants to reach out to his community and offer his support to the younger generation.

Deus Lee plans to strengthen his network, feature with other budding artists, internationally and perform on a global platform. He plans to collaborate with artists in the UK, Jamaica, and UAE soon.

Below are the funding plans that Deus Lee is offering-

  • $250 -Donators shall get Deus Lee Jogger set and hat, free downloads of his new album “Enter the Dragon” and virtual reality music videos
  • $750 – Donators shall get everything for $250 and additionally a Shurkein and Deus Lee action figures.
  • $1500- Donators shall get everything for $250-$750 and additionally Platinum or Gold chain with diamond “Tuxedo Club Medallion”

The Tuxedo Club will further be split into three categories of members: “Golden Tuxedo”, “Tuxedo Angels” and “Tuxedo Ambassadors”. All members will play a role in his success by simply being apart of his loyal fan base- and they will get to enjoy the festivities along the way.

Another interesting feature of the crowdfunding campaign is “Down for Deus”. This will be a reality series documenting Deus Lee’s rise to fame. Fans will get to see and be a part of his journey in building the Tuxedo Club and recruiting his promotional models, The Tuxedo Angels. This series is expected to be released before fall of 2021.

The comic series that Deus Lee is planning to launch is one to watch out for. The comic series will portray Deus Lee as a teen in a poverty-stricken hood and show how he decides to hone his karate skills to fight the bullies. The series has an intriguing concept with a touch of spirituality. 

On the path to success and fortune, the down to earth person, Deus Lee, plans to organize, open mic shows, and community activities to benefit the youth. He plans to visit small towns, black communities, high schools and after-school programs to shed light to the youth. He wants to spread a powerful message that “all is possible if you dare to dream’. 

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