Deus Lee is raising $100,000 for his brand. Learn more about what he is raising money for, what you can do to help, and how you will benefit.


Become a Tuxedo DragonThe Tuxedo Club

Contribute to Deus Lee's brand to receive exclusive gifts and become apart of his limited fan club for giveaways, invites, content, and more.

The Tuxedo Club is a fan club created by PPL PXRTY TALENT GROUP x Deus Lee, The Tuxedo Dragon. As he aims for the stars in the music industry and comic world, Deus Lee needs the help of his family, friends, and fans to back his brand. In this presentation, you will learn the details of the crowdfunding campaign hosted on Anais Magazine (AMAG), and the gifts you will receive as a backer. More importantly, backers of Deus Lee’s campaign will become founding members of the Tuxedo Club, rising to stardom with Deus Lee.

Tuxedo Club Crowdfund by pplpxrtymusic