A Star in the Making- Houston’s Up and Coming Artist Goes International

Deus Lee is an upcoming name in the world of rap music. Hailing from Houston, Texas, he made music his passion and started writing songs when he was merely a fourth-grader.Known for vibing, “Smokin and sippin Dússe”, this young artist takes inspiration for his music from great musicians like Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson.

Deus Lee has an ear for soft rock and often jams to the tunes of The Eagles. To him, coining his musical numbers is like fitting pieces of the puzzle together and nothing makes him happier than seeing the whole picture come alive. Deus Lee is currently promoting his new single, “D’usse” and you can tune in on all platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and

His most popular numbers are “Yes Indeed”, “Bang” and “iMight”. Of late, our very own Texas star has gone international as he collaborated with the popular Italian rap artist Laioung, creating an album called Trap Sermon. The views and the numbers of this album are blazing the charts. The beats on this album are insanely good and have a rich amalgamation of Rap and trance music. Deus Lee’s track with Helen Hailu, “Baller” has also
gone viral on YouTube. He has additionally created music with notable artists, such as DJ Candlestick, Billyracxx and Asshole in Gold.

A day in his life starts with jamming, hanging out in the studio, writing lyrics, creating the beat, recording, performing, and editing his mixes. He is most charged up when faced with challenges to create something new.

He describes his genre of music to be able to “bridge the conscious hip hop and trap rap genres so people can turn up and learn at the same damn time”. Deus Lee has a huge fan base, and he loves to present himself in front of them very often.

Family is his first love and Deus Lee wants to get them to the “promised land”. His mantra for life is a balance between spirituality and hard work. He wants to build successful businesses and generate wealth to give every comfort that his family deserves.

Deus Lee has endless love for music but dislikes the notion of politics to shine in the industry. When asked about his plans, Deus Lee mentions that he is very enthusiastic about his upcoming International collaborations and plans to release another video of his latest track very soon. This artist gets a rush while performing in front of an audience and his love for the
music is what gets him out of his bed every day. Although Deus Lee is independent, he is being managed and promoted by PPL PXRTY MUSIC GROUP (PPMG), a subsidiary of his own entertainment company, PPL PXRTY ENT.

Currently, his team is working on their collective entrepreneurial ventures as Deus Lee plans to reach out to the masses on a larger scale. He has a heart of gold and gets disturbed easily by the plights of the downtrodden. He wants to spend his income from the music industry to create business avenues in low-income communities and rebuild the economy.

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